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The telephone is the same widespread, effective mode of communication today that it was in the past but due to the limited capabilities of the telephone system, it is unable to increase worker productivity and can even entail additional costs and wasted time for the corporation. The IP telephone systems that have recently become more widespread in the marketplace can operate over existing corporate networks or those that will be installed. This way companies are not forced to bear the costs of additional cabling for the telephone system. However, when you compare the initial investment costs of IP telephone systems with DECT telephone systems, the cost of the IP solution will be greater so we are forced to ask “What will corporations gain by switching to an IP telephone system.”

Use of the IP telephone system with value-added services allows corporations to distinguish themselves from rivals in the sector. These value-added services give companies boundless opportunity to use multiple devices and communication mediums to enhance the effectiveness of their business by allowing them to do their work anyplace, anytime.

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