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Network Solutions

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Today the management, production, sales, technical service, warehousing and shipping activities of many companies are conducted from various locations. Regional headquarters are established, logistics centers are moved to places far away from city traffic snarls where space is more affordable and agencies are set up at different locations in order to be closer to customers. Moving our business processes to a computer environment enhances our productivity and facilitates our workflow. Our relationships with employees, business partners, and customers are managed by a number of different services working together. These include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relations Management (CRM) packages, accounting programs, e-mail, file servers, internet servers, and e-business (B2B, B2C) applications. This entire group of services works together with voice and video packages over our local area network, wide area network and the Internet.

Merpa Communications has a holistic view of system integration. An intelligent, manageable, local network that works properly is a concrete solution to the bottlenecks we experience allowing us to meet performance expectations.

WAN Consulting Services

WAN enables network technologies that are far away from one another to communicate. The continual development of network technology enables images, voice and data transfer to be executed on the same platform. It connects a variety of devices in different locations. WAN technology gives your the opportunity to work at home with every office convenience and view any place we want by setting up a camera system.

LAN Consulting Services

This is a network technology that is set up in a specific location and can be wired or wireless. It is generally preferred for the system and network technologies of small and medium-sized firms. It makes it possible to access common use resources such as printers, scanner and shared files. It is also possible for you to share your internet connection on this system.

Ensuring investments are compatible with developing technology

Companies and Enterprises direct their investments in cabling systems, client systems, rented lines, servers, firewalls, wired and wireless equipment, etc. in parallel with technological characteristics, bearing in mind that there will be increases and location changes in the future.

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